It was described as the most cruel murder to have ever happened in this part of the country at that point. At a time, over 100 years ago, when Wyoming was still finding itself as part of the American west and when the population of Casper was close to 1,000.

The west was still wild enough, murder was still common enough. But one particular murder, occurring just after the turn of the 20th century, seems to have offended the frontier sense of justice on Wyoming’s front rage as much, or more so, than any other had before.

Scott Fuller narrates the story of Dee Blair in the first half of this month’s episode of ‘Dead and Gone in Wyoming.’

Then, a New York advertising executive moves to Wyoming for a new start, but when his abandoned car is found on the side of the road, a new beginning seems to find a sudden end.

The strange disappearance of Don Kemp is spotlighted in the second-half of this month’s episode.

Fuller is the host of Frozen Truth Podcast, a former Fremont County radio host, and currently a Minnesota-based radio host.

Dead & Gone in Wyoming will be released each month and each episode will feature a murder and a mystery that took place in the Cowboy State.

All episodes are produced in the Porter’s 10Cast Studio.

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