Nutrition obviously changes your physical health, but does it matter to your mental health, too?

Instructor, nutrition expert, fitness instructor, and Lance’s wife, Kelly Goede joins the show to discuss all things nutrition and some tips on improving your diet for better mental and physical health.

For more about Kelly’s company, Empowering You, click here.

More information discussed in the show…

Weight Watchers – Monday and Wednesday at CWC ITECC Bldg at 5:30 p.m.

Empowering You – 107 S. Broadway, Ste 204, 851-9979

Riverton Weightloss and Wellness – 113 S. 2nd East, 856-1507

Graham’s Gluten Free – 414 E. Main, 857-6155

Natural Health Solutions – 705 E. Fremont, 856-8181

Wind River Cares, Northern Arapaho Diabetes Awareness Program

Dr. Daniel Amen, “The End of Mental Illness”


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